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Want to Imagine living as a god and experience the god's life for a day? Then download Godus MOD Apk, the world's best god simulator game, where you can experience all these things.
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22cans develop the Godus Mod Apk mobile game. Taking on the role of a deity for natives, you have almost unlimited freedom in this huge sandbox. Get a few followers to start the game. Develop an island for them with suitable conditions for agriculture and life. To establish a whole settlement, two members of your tribe need to eliminate all threats.

Make these people your god, be it good or bad, cruel or merciful – it is your choice. In order to gain more power, consolidate your religion, or gain acceptance from others, you need new followers. A unique feature of Godus is that it allows players greater freedom of action and choice than any other city planning simulator or economic strategy.


There are a lot of colors and a new design in Godus, a building game that appeals to those who love the construction genre. This game will blow you away with its sound and image because they are both wonderful and won’t disappoint you. In the game, you will feel that everything is very light and moderately paced for your best experience, so you can play it in your spare time or as a stress reliever. By creating your own living world or building a society from scratch, you can transform it into a living, breathing world. As the player progresses through the world, the population will be improved. All game resources are available to you.

As well as being easy, the gameplay is engaging. This app lets you sculpt the environment by touching the screen controls and pulling land items to give your followers more space and paths. By accurately completing all of these tasks, you will be able to expand the population and unlock new game areas for your followers. This article will give you an in-depth look at this game.

Additional Information

App NameGodus MOD Apk
Updated1 day ago
Latest Versionv0.0.28252
Developed By22cans
Compatible with5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Google Play Linkcom.mobage.ww.a1912.Godus_Android
Downloads10,000,000+ downloads


In order to build a more robust civilization, players assume the role of Gods and influence followers. Your devotees are few at the beginning of the game. Make the land ideal for living and build a territory for them. The land needs to be cleared of trees and debris and shaped so they can reach your desired spot. So download the Godus Mod Apk game now for free.

You can unlock an ability or expand your territory once you get some followers to shrines. Ensure your followers have access to more areas to build on. Resource cards are buried in treasure chests scattered throughout the map. Certain things can be unlocked for your civilization using these cards. Your followers will also mine gems to help you defeat your enemies. The number of followers you have increases as the game progresses. Gods can be cruel or merciful, depending on how you treat them. Your devotees can be provided with shelter and food. You can also destroy the land and resources they have. Extend your territory however you like.

You can expand the land by touching and sliding across the screen with your fingers. Only two people will initially do the construction work. The mainland can also be expanded, rivers can be created, trees can be planted, or humans can simply watch human life develop. You have some incredible magical abilities, like the ability to call dances or control the weather. Plants can be grown and greened faster by calling rain, or you can burn everything down with meteors. There will be no one who can overthrow you because you will feel as if you have all the power.


The following are the features of Godus Mod Apk:

1. Build New Cities And Islands

There are a few similarities between Godus’ gameplay and regular city-building simulators. In order to build a suitable house for his tribe, the player must spend a lot of time. Additionally, working directly with the landscape is essential. Changing locations by layers is possible because of the unique visual style. A few levels of certain islands are analogous to certain levels of a pie in this world. Once the top one is removed, you’ll be able to access the next one. Users here use the landscape as their primary brush. Make mountains passable and hills gently by raising the earth from the ocean’s day.

2. Decide Your Behavior

Take advantage of Godus Mod Apk’s growing opportunities. When your followers reach hundreds, you are able to perform the most amazing miracles even if you can only move small stones. In addition, remember that not everyone requires well-intentioned treats. When you demonstrate your power and cruelty, most often, they will submit to you. The kind of god you wish to become is up to you. Don’t let unwanted followers get the best of you. There is no requirement for players to act as good deities. The rule of an iron fist over your colonies can quickly make you an evil overlord.

3. Inspire Your Followers

There will be various tasks for followers to perform in order to grow civilizations and progress in the game. After saving a man and a woman’s lives, you’ll get your first followers. You will then receive new followers from the two of them. Breeders, who allow other followers to be created, and farmers, who work on the farm to produce wheat and grains, are among the followers. The game also features a large number of followers that perform a number of different tasks.

4. Grow Your Civilization

You can grow your civilization with the help of many resources in the game. In order for your civilization to grow, you must have followers. You also have miners who construct mining settlements to produce ore and farmers who grow grain and crops. In addition, you should help your followers produce more resources by making use of your powers.

5. Shape The Landscapes

The landscapes can now be touched and shaped as you wish, just like if you were a normal god. Make the landscapes more unique and suited to the people by molding, sculpting, and shaping every aspect of them. With intuitive and interactive touch controls, your godly game will be extremely easy and fun. If you decide to build mountain ranges and forests, lower the sea level, cut through different landscapes, etc., how you design the landscape is up to you.

6. Discover Many Mysterious Surprise

In addition, Godus Mod Apk also features many great secrets that lie beneath the landscapes, so you won’t get bored even if you’re already a god. You are responsible for helping the players unlock more features and discover secrets. Undercover underground mysteries and treasures in your very own ultimate adventure.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Belief
  • Free Purchase
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Latest Version
  • Free to download
  • No Roots Required
  • 100% Bugs Free

How To Download & Install GODUS MOD APK

  • To access the new Downloading Page, click the Download button in an article.
  • The Download Button needs to be clicked again on that page. 
  • You can now see the game’s Apk File downloading within a few seconds.
  • Navigate to the Downloads folder using the File Explorer app.
  • Look for the Apk File and open it.
  • Now accept all the permission and then tap on the install button.
  • Now Enjoy the game Godus Mod Apk with Unlimited Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Godus is a simulation game where players are gods responsible for shifting the land and building a mighty civilization. Clearing enough empty space can create a plot of land, which is the key to raising your population.

The iOS version of the game replaces the pit with a temple. Followings are also sacrificed in the Pit, which decreases happiness. It can only be used once the player unlocks leashing after expanding for the first time. It is found at the start of the game after expanding for the first time. In one minute and forty seconds, the Pit is repaired.

Wrapping Up

Simulators such as Godus Mod apk are among the best. Oversee the lives of your people as God. Capable of causing things to happen. You will be faced with daily choices in this game. Make decisions in difficult times if you want to play and succeed. It is not always a good thing to be kind in Godus Apk. There will be times when you, as God, must make a difficult decision to benefit the people in a feature.

Note: If you are having any problems installing a Game or Downloading Game File then you can ask us in the Comment Box. We will help you as soon as possible. Thanks for downloading and keep visiting apkperfection.com/.

What's new

Lots of system upgrades and bug fixes in this update, including:
- Treasure Temples are much easier to uncover.
- Astari and followers no longer get stuck in the grey land when switching alliance.
- The issue which occasionally stopped trees from growing has been fixed.
- We have added more helpful guidance through the Voyages.
- Plus many more little bugs have been squashed. (No actual bugs were hurt in the making of this update.)



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