Megapolis Mod Apk

What Is Megapolis Mod Apk?

Megapolis Mod Apk is a lively and fast-paced city simulation game that empowers you to construct and manage your own metropolis. Featuring breathtaking graphics and engaging gameplay, Megapolis delivers an entirely genuine urban experience. Erect towering skyscrapers, factories, and green spaces and witness your city take on its own distinct personality. Efficiently manage resources, participate in trade with other cities, and maintain a balanced budget while you develop your city into a flourishing economic hub. With boundless opportunities and obstacles, Megapolis is the ultimate city-building game suitable for players of all skill levels. Start playing now and begin crafting the metropolis of your wildest dreams!

Additional Information

App NameMegapolis
Compatible withIos + Android
Last UpdateFew Second Ago
Get it on the Play StoreGoogle Play Store
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
DeveloperSocial Quantum Ltd

Core Features

  • Ads-Free
  • Smaller Size
  • Bug Fixes
  • Infinite Cash

3D Graphics

3D graphics in Megapolis make the game more visually appealing, immersive, and engaging for players. They allow players to experience their city-building efforts in a more realistic and dynamic way. Players can zoom in and out, rotate the camera, and explore different parts of the city in greater detail to use these 3d graphics of megapolis.


In Megapolis, players have the option to upgrade their existing buildings to boost their performance or construct new buildings to expand their city’s capabilities. It is crucial to strategically place buildings in order to maintain a balance between the need for services, the availability of space, and the impact on the environment. Additionally, the game offers special event buildings that players can obtain either through limited-time events or in-game purchases. These special buildings are designed to improve both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the player’s city.

Numerous Contest

The contests in Megapolis can provide a fun and rewarding experience for players, encouraging them to stay engaged with the game and build relationships with other players. Contests can be either individual or team-based, with players joining forces with other players to compete against other teams. 

Make Dream City

Dream City allows players to create their own virtual city from scratch. It is a unique zone in the game where players can build a city with no restrictions on the number of buildings or the amount of resources used.

Final Verdict

Megapolis mod apk is a bustling and dynamic city that represents the complex interplay of modern urban life. Despite the challenges and complexities that come with urban living, Megapolis continues to evolve and thrive, offering endless opportunities and possibilities for those who call it home.

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