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Download School Days Mod APK – latest version – This game is Free for Android and tries to survive high school and become the most popular student! Can you survive in this school?
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It is always the right decision to choose simulation games to prepare players for a certain field. In sum, that genre offers players a wide selection of games rich in features and appeals to their tastes. School Days Mod Apk introduces a way to simulate the culture of Western schools while offering a more contemporary perspective. A real-time element will be added to the gameplay of the game to make it more appealing and richer. School Days will give you a wonderful glimpse into Western school life and will delight you with its surprises.

Learning and having fun are important aspects of high school. Our carefree years are a time when we are eager to learn and have fun. High school life has been portrayed in countless movies, animes, and TV series. A simulation game called School Days also deals with high school life. To begin, create your own character. The character can be you or another person.

Besides hairstyles, hair colors, skin, clothing, and many others, you can also choose your own clothes. The personality of the character can also be chosen. If you’re a nerd or a heartthrob at school, it depends on your mindset. There may be a time that you desire to be the most beautiful and popular girl in your school. You choose!

The Simulation game School Days focuses on high school. It begins with you selecting your favorite character. Either you or someone else can be the character you create. There are many options available for customizing hairstyles, hair colors, skin, clothes, and more. As well as that, it is possible to customize its personality. There is a big difference between being a heartthrob and a nerd.

Possibly you want to be sought after by all boys in school because you are the most beautiful and popular girl in your class. The choice is yours! Your actions and improvement are in your hands in this game. By using these controls, you are able to engage in attacks, grapples, running, and interaction with other students. However, the poor graphics are more than made up for by the gameplay.


App Name School Days
Category Simulation
Version v1.24
Developed By MDickie
Varies with device
Price Free
Updated 8 days ago
Required Android 4.0 and up

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school days mod apk

Many people think of a school as a prison, but there are many elements that can be used to make it enjoyable and entertaining if you know how to use them. The premise of School Days Mod Apk is to introduce players to the world of school life by becoming typical students. As players progress or complete missions, they interact with the environment. A student’s basic processes are applied each day in the game, which uses real-time elements. Additionally, the game permits players to create their own tasks, interact with other characters, and interact with school content.

Many people think of a school as a prison, but there are many elements that can be used to make it enjoyable and entertaining if you know how to use them. Students can get a feel for school life as they play School Days. As players progress or complete missions, they move around and interact with each other. Moreover, in-game elements are used in real-time, and an entire day’s work is applied each day.

As well as interacting with other characters, the player must complete assignments on their own. For players, every moment during the school day should be seized. Character development depends upon how they use their time, and interesting situations can arise in the classroom depending on how they use their time. 

Gameplay in School Days Mod Apk is designed to make the experience more authentic through the use of an interactive world. The player experiences Western cultures, including school life, through the main character. You determine how you behave towards the characters. The characters each have their own unique personalities. On top of that, you can make friendships with them.

A future update will allow players to create entertaining and memorable moments by completing group missions with friends. In addition, one of the newest enhancements in the MOD is the addition of Unlimited health and Unlimited money.


 Become Notorious Students:  

As the player has to become one of the most notorious students at the school, the goal of the game constantly changes and is defined by the environment and concept of the game. While in online classes, they still need to fulfill a lot of tasks, interact with others, and do a lot of other standard school work. Progress and popularity in the game will spread as the players achieve more achievements over time.


Your own story can be written in School Days Mod Apk! There’s no sense in trying to be the smartest student in school if you’re not the best! Through this game, you can communicate with your classmates. There’s a real sense of competition here. If you want to achieve that goal, you should also improve your grades and popularity. These things can be achieved by following the path you have chosen.

But keep in mind that your biological clock must be respected. Your health depends on it. As in real life, each new thing you do drains your energy. The cafeteria is the perfect place to refuel for this reason.

 Easy Controls:  

Controls are extremely important in a simulation game. School Days has easy controls. A virtual key will let you move your character around on the left side. There are buttons on the right that allow you to perform different functions. With this button, you are able to run, pick, and do many other things in the game.

 Interactive World:  

School Days Mod Apk gives the players an opportunity to explore many plans and research much about the strange world around them. A player can prank others or create many bad achievements by creating abilities or items to prank others. Gameplay will be even more vibrant and exciting, with a variety of objects available to the player.

 Make Friendship:  

The player should make friends or expand relationships in order to succeed in this school. The player will be able to get more information about each character in School Days and form friendships. The future will bring endless excitement and chaos to massive battles between players when they have fights with each other, and their friends show up.


Unlimited Money
Unlimited Health
All Unlocked
Unlocked Editor
No Ads
New Version


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How to kiss a girl in School Days?
Make contact with her lips by closing your eyes and leaning forward a bit. Despite what you think, your lips won’t perfectly align. Don’t pucker your lips when you kiss your girlfriend, but relax them instead.


Play School Days Mod Apk to build a bad reputation and gain respect in a prison school as you build a bad reputation and hone your skills. Players will unlock new content as they advance through the game, allowing them to customize the college experience to suit their needs. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download this best Simulation game from our website for free.


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What's new

- Wider display for enhanced compatibility with modern phones in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- Faster frame rate recommended by default (130%).
- Bugs Fixes



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